We can’t help but wonder how much difference one person makes in the world. We look inside ourselves, questioning if we have the capacity for heroism and greatness. But the truth is, every time we take an action, we make an impact. Every single thing we do has an effect on the people around us. Every choice we make sends ripples out into the world. Our smallest acts of kindness can cause a chain reaction of unforeseen benefits for people we’ve never met. We might not witness those results, but they happen all the same.

—- Jake Bohm (Touch 2012)

This quote is from Touch (2012) and it really inspired me. I hope it does the same to you.. Watch Touch (2012) and get some inspiration 🙂

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No Matter How Long

The photo was taken 11 years ago. Me and My Mom. 3 days ago, I was really sick. I came from school and when I got home my aunty, my niece, and my niece’s nanny were the only ones at home. The two were too busy taking care of the baby and nobody would believe […]

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Life is about being Happy

First of all, before I tell you of what I think what life Is… Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Joan Casey. I have been living in this world for 19 years. I had only experience the Philippine culture but I know a lot about American culture from shows […]

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