Life is about being Happy


First of all, before I tell you of what I think what life Is… Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Joan Casey. I have been living in this world for 19 years. I had only experience the Philippine culture but I know a lot about American culture from shows and things I watch. In my young age, I already know how it feels like to lose someone important to you. I told my story of my mom’s death in one of my articles here in word press. Ever since I was a young girl I was thought to believe that I can do anything if I wanted to. Nah… I’m just kidding I have a really bad memory and I don’t have much memory of my childhood. My mind is like a computer that has an auto delete function but doesn’t have a recycle bin. I only know my childhood from pictures and stories I heard from my family and friends. I like being myself and I hate it when other people tell me what I should be. I am an artist in a way because honestly I still don’t know what to do with my life but I enjoy every single day. I honestly don’t plan on living long but I do have plans to be happy.

Now, you ask me why the heck, would you be inspired of what I’m telling you right now. Okay… Here’s why. Life is what we want it or what we chose it to be. If you chose the wrong path then try to find a way to fix it. When my Mom died I was only 17 years old I felt like my whole world is over that nothing make sense anymore. We were cover with debts, we had no more money for my studies, and everything was just hopeless in my point of view. You know what I did… I stayed strong I did my best to find myself a scholarship so I could continue my studies and I did. I’m currently a working scholar at my college and I am a consecutive Dean’s list. I am also nominated for 10 Outstanding Junior Student in my college. If I quit that early I wouldn’t be in where I am right now. I might only be 19 years old but I am devoted to continue living my life as happily as I could.

Life is about living happy. If you experience pain that’s natural, if you lose someone important that’s life, and if you cant take it anymore just smile. If you wait for happiness that’s stupid, you should find your happiness. Think about it, animals only live a few years but they live happy. Watch your dog and observe what he does. He looks happy while doing silly things right? That’s because that’s what makes him happy. That’s what his life is about. How about you? What makes your life happy?


One thought on “Life is about being Happy

  1. Life can be really depressing, but like what you said “Life is about being happy” 😀

    I’ll try my best to be happy with my life ^_^

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