My Teenage Years… Gone like the wind.


So… umm… Yeah I haven’t been writing anything for a while now and the reason for that is because I’m Lazy. I wanted to tell you a lot of things way back but when I reach my computer its only leads me to facebook and my mind just goes blank. Yeah… I just wanted to tell you all that in about 2 hours in my time (Philippines) my teenage years will be over, which for me is really sad. The fact that I am not that young anymore makes me want to punch the wall with a stick because punching it with my fist would really hurt and I don’t want that. I cant yet even get over the fact that Im not 12 anymore and now to think that Im turning 20? Men! How time flies and really it bloody hell sucks. So in less than 2 hours I can never be the same again because I’m not a freaking teenager anymore. No more excuses with the fun and games I do most of the time.

Though my context seem that I am really angry that’s because I really Am. Who would be happy with the fact that I’m getting old and I’m one more year closer to my death? Man! It’s really depressing.

Nah… I’m over it about a minute ago. I am calm right now. I can’t do anything about it anymore because that’s how life works. We get old and then we die. Its just a matter of who goes first and who is the lucky one who survives longer.

So the fact that I Am not a teenager anymore is really sad and I cant do anything about it anymore but to embrace it. Like Hell! I will face this stage of 20’s where its really crucial to find myself. I will probably fall a lot but I am very sure I will get back up again! 20’s! I Am not afraid of you! I might be aging by number, because technically age is just a number but I will always be young at heart. You wanna know why?!! That’s because I know that staying a kid means you are not afraid to do anything. I will always believe that I can and will make it in this world without growing up. Aging does not mean I have to grow up I believe it only makes me human. I will never grow up I tell you!

So my point is you don’t have to grow up, when you age. It only shows your human. Like what Avril songs says “Here’s to never Growing Up!”. Let’s all just be ourselves no matter how old we are. Let’s just imagine, believe, and take action in things we want to do or things we dream to because its more fun that way.


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