Losing something is never easy.

January 17, 2014.

Today, I said goodbye to a very good friend of mine, my Samsung Ch@t 335. He was with me for 5 years. It was always there to wake me up every morning or kept me company whenever I felt lonely. I record my voice, listen to its radio or playlist, view old videos, took some photos and especially contact my friends and family, but now it’s gone just like that. You see today was supposed to be an awesome day because finally for the first time, I was able to be a part of a cover of an event for my OJT. To be specific it’s an event of Alodia (The Cosplay Goddess), The Marble Wonderland at Movie Stars Café, SM Mall of Asia. For some reason while on our way to the event I felt uneasy but I did not mind it at that time because I was kinda hungry. Maybe that was a sign that I was gonna lose it. The whole event was nice I had fun. I got the chance to be treated like a VIP, interview personalities like Alodia, Myrtle, 217, Miume  and many more! The catch was… I was not prepared to lose my phone. I was really devastated when I realized that my phone was gone. I was so busy enjoying the moment that I forgot about my phone.

Not only the fact that I lost my phone made me really sad but also realizing my past memories disappeared also. Another reason why I felt sad was I couldn’t contact a friend of mine who was having her birthday celebration Mall of Asia. We were supposed to meet but because I had no more phone, I had no idea what happened to her. Did I mention that was the first phone I bought for myself with my own money while Im still studying? It’s really devastating… It’s my first time losing a very sentimental gadget that is why I am very emotional, Im sorry.  May my Samsung Ch@t 335 Rest. In. Peace.

Everything has a reason maybe it’s time to let it go and move on. Things come and go, it’s life. I just know that losing that phone means losing a big part of me for the past 5 years. I dedicate the song “When Your Gone” to my dear friend Samsung Ch@t 335 may you find peace. I miss you already…



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