Before My Graduation


 Joan Casey
Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts
Batch 2014
GPA: 1.71
Cum Laude Awardee

THIS IS a 600 WORD ESSAY of My College Story

My name is Joan Casey, a graduating student in the Philippines. I just wanted to share something before my graduation. I used to be an Ordinary student just like you, who didn’t care much about anything. I just go with the flow. I was like a zombie following everyone. A normal artist student to be exact, but you know what; God had other plans for me that I never would have thought possible. Something tragic happen that changed the whole perspective of my college years. Someone important to me had to go to heaven just so I could learn a lesson or two. She is my inspiration for all my achievements. I love you, Mom. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I took my Mom’s passing as an inspiration to do better at everything, or at least do something to make people around me proud. So I joined different organizations became a student leader and such.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention, this won’t all be possible if I wasn’t luckily given a scholarship as a FEBRES Scholar. A Student Assistant, who works for the school so she could pay the tuition bills. From P45,000 or more, my tuition would go only to P3500 or less  each semester. AWESOME, right? I know!  But believe me or not it wasn’t a piece of cake. It was more like a ride in a roller coaster; it had ups and downs and sometimes it just go in circles. People judge you for stupid reasons, talked behind your back, spread rumors even though they don’t know the real story.  Can you imagine just like you I had school works, personal problems and etc.? I was also a student leader/ officer who had responsibilities like paper works, holding school activities, serving people and a whole bunch of things that you probably don’t care about. So it was more like SCHOOL WORKS + EXTRA CURRICULARS + OFFICE WORKS and PERSONAL PROBLEMS mixed together in about four years. All that hard work that most of the time I would go home at 9PM from my duty and still I had school works to take care of. It was really fulfilling but I won’t lie there were times I wanted to quit and just walk away from it all. I cried a couple of times and you know, think of bad things that people should not do when depression comes in. But God never let me go, because before I got here there were rewards like I was shown on Hero TV ( Best Anime Cable Channel in the Philippines!) a couple of times. I was able to fulfill most of the things I wanted to do before I graduate like go places with my bestfriend, have a tarp outside of my college and many more.

So Yeah… Im Here! I faced it all and Im graduating. Im filled with joy! SERIOSLY! IAM! Im a Cum Laude Awardee (PROUD), I told my Dad, and he somehow made me emotional about it. You see my Dad is a seaman for almost half of his life. He worked hard every single day so my sisters and I could finish our studies.  He told me it was one of his dreams to give/hang a medal on graduation of his children and since I was his last daughter to graduate.. Yeah… I know you know the rest so yeah… It’s really sad but I can’t do anything. So I kind of joke about it, that we can reenact the moment I received the award when he gets home. I’m graduating! Yeah I know this is just the start and the real world is a much scarier place, but you know what? I won’t back down! I can do this! I will fulfill my ultimate dream of traveling the world! I promise! The lesson is  “Never Give Up without a Fight!” and keep this in your heart and mind “ I do it because i can, I can because I want to, I want to because you said I couldn’t.”  Just live life happy, trust in God and you’ll go places!


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