An Open Letter for Fresh Graduates

An Open Letter for Fresh Graduates

Dear Fresh Graduates,

How are you? Are you fine or are you lost? If you are lost, I am like you a year ago. I know how you feel, trust me I do. I have been there and to tell you the truth it feels like shit. It doesn’t get better unless you do something or the universe magically turns good for you, but most of the time it doesn’t. It is tough sometimes at the same time confusing.  You have no idea what to do now, right? How can you? You see, we spent almost 20 years of our lives being pampered or taught of what we should do or the things we should look after.  We spent all our time in school learning about things that won’t matter in the real world unless it is part of your career path, but most of the time it is not.

When you graduate you have this ambition to do something that would be related to your course. You expect many things but trust me you will be disappointed. You have this question, “What now? What do I do?”, if you don’t ask adults to guide you it will be tough. You thought it would be easy like a piece of cake but it won’t. Remember your first job interview? You were really nervous and you memorize what you were going to say but when the interview started you forgot everything. The HR person was really nice and told you, “We will call back soon.” Trust me 85% they won’t. You see if you passed the first part of the interview she would direct you on the same day to the department where the position is vacant unless you took an exam and they still need to check it.

Achievements you have and your good credentials would matter a whole lot if you’re a fresh grad. But still do not be so sure because remember you are not the only one who has those credentials, maybe from your school you are the only one (which I doubt), but what about the other schools? Ever thought about that? I guess you didn’t. You see you have to combine all of your knowledge at the same time be good at speaking and selling yourself to pass an interview. Job hunting/interview is much worse than passing your college entrance exam. It’s far worse. If you are applying for a position that you really want, do you best! Act confident but not too confident. Stay humble and true; trust me you’ll go places.

How can you believe me? Well I was like you a year ago as I mentioned earlier. I expected too much and I guess I got disappointed. You see I’m not trying to boast or anything but I have good credentials. During my college years I never I really cared about credentials I was only enjoying myself and doing my best in anything that I do. My extra-curricular’ s, scholarship, studies and a whole lot of things, I guess for me it was a way to prove myself to the world that I was worth something. You see after my Mom past away during my first year I lost everything. I felt like God took everything but then again that all change later on. I won’t go off that path if you wanted to know my story just ask me or look at my other post. So the point here is I waited too long for a company I really wanted. 6 months, I waited for them promised me things but I guess most of the time HR people just don’t have the guts to tell you the truth, that they don’t want you and things like that. Ok maybe not 6 months probably 4 because I took a real vacation for 2 months after I graduated. Those 2 months were a whole lot of fun. Anyway, I regretted not accepting offers from other companies because I was hoping for the company who promise me things.

You see in this real world besides talents, credentials, attitudes, or whatever what really matters is your network. What I mean by network is your connection inside. Especially here in the Philippines it’s called “ma-politika.” If you have relatives in the company you dreamed of you’re lucky, you have 70% chance of getting in. Unfortunately, if you don’t, you have to work a whole lot and really have to prove yourself.  Oh! I almost forgot if you are good looking well lucky you – you have 30% more chance now.

I’m happy and employed right now, I love the place and people here. It’s really nice. I never really expected I will be working here but God really has different plans for us. I believe this first official corporate job I have is really unforgettable. Why? Well because let’s just say it’s one of the biggest company here in Philippines and you can see them literally everywhere. God is good. It will be all right soon enough. God has good plans for you just wait and do your part.

The quote I believe in “In God’s time, if you work hard you’ll get there.” – From my favorite director Direk Cathy Garcia Molina.

Don’t believe me? Well… You will, probably soon enough. Good luck with the real world! See you in the battlefield! Do your best!


In the real world for a year now


4 thoughts on “An Open Letter for Fresh Graduates

    1. Thank you also for taking the time to read this. I’m not sure if this applies to you too though. Im basing this in my experience here in the Philippines.

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