Said Goodbye to an Old Friend

Probably, after reading the title you are thinking that someone died or move away somewhere but honestly no one did. I am talking about my old bike that I sold a couple of days ago. You might be asking me now why am I even talking about this. It’s just a bike. No big deal, right? Nope, for me for some reason it was a big deal. You see that bike was a memento of all my exciting adventures. When I bought that bike my Mom was still alive and I persuaded her to buy it for me. My dad doesn’t allow me to go biking because it is too dangerous here in the Philippines but because he was most of the time at work. He never really knew that I used to use it all the time. I think he will know now if he reads this blog entry. I used the bike whenever I felt like going outside and whenever I was too lazy to walk. Those are just minor stuff. You see, if I go much deeper from my memories, I remember I used to always take my friend back to her home whenever she goes to my house. I had tons of memories from that bike. I remember, one time my friend and I had a minor accident. We fell off the bike because I wasn’t paying attention and I couldn’t really see the bump on the road.  My friend was lying in the road like a retard. I laugh so hard even though I had a scar on my left knee that day. I can also remember the adventures and risk I took with my bike. One time I went to a friend of mines house by my bike on a tricycle because my friend’s house was really far away. We had so much fun exploring their Villa using our bikes. When I was about to go home that day I couldn’t ride on any public transportation carrying my bike for some reason. I can’t really remember why but my point is that I had to ride my bike going home. If you could picture it, it was like travelling on a busy road with fast moving cars. It took me about 1 hour just to reach my house using my bike. It was really risky but I had to at least I’m still alive right now or probably I’m just a ghost who lives in her imagination. I’m just messing with you I’m still alive and happy.

I know I didn’t really make sense with this entry but what I’m really trying to say is that whatever happens someday somehow we have to let go of things we love. No matter what its just how life works. If I didn’t let go of my bike surely in the future it will just be a rusted old bike. At least right now my bike has a good new owner, who will take care of it and will make good memories with it like I did. What matters is that I had a bike and I had good memories with it. It was like when my Mom passed away I can’t see her anymore but her memories are still in my heart. What mattered was I had a Mom.

Besides I used the money to buy a new PSP, which I wanted ever since I was 13 years old. I will make good memories with my new PSP because it is what it is. RPG games make me happy. Life is about being happy, right? It is what it is. 🙂

– This entry was written way back January 2013 


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