Time Travel to the Past! Let’s go!

In exactly 2 days from now, I’m turning 22 years old already. For me it’s a big deal because I’m growing old again.  I can’t even get over the fact that I’m not 12 years old anymore, seriously! I miss being a kid with no adult problems. Anyway before my age officially enter young adulthood, I thought of something – to write to my past self from age 1 until my future age 2 days from now. I was like what would my current 21 year old self tell my past if ever they had the chance to meet in maximum of 2 sentences alone. So here I go! Time Machine On!

Dear Me…

Age 1 – Agu aguuu ga ga ga ga… Can u see me?  You are Soooooo Cute!

Age 2 – Stop cryinnnggggggggg.. Gaaaaah! This is why I don’t like children…

Age 3 – Woah you grow up fast. You can talk now?

Age 4 – Your sisters are still annoying eh? They love you, don’t worry.

Age 5 – Hi! What? You are absent from kindergarten again why? Ok fine Lets Play! *Chases my 5 year old self*

Age 6 – Woah! You are taller than the other kids? That wouldn’t last very long enjoy it kid. XD

Age 7 – Wow! Your 7th birthday is AWESOME! OMG! PIKACHU!!!!! Let me play!

Age 8 – You perfected the National Achievement Test in English?!! That is AWESOME! High Five!

Age 9 – A boy gave you a gift and you returned it back? Very good! You don’t need them right now..

Age 10 – Are you studying well? Very good! Ohhh that math problem looks easy. Why are you having difficulty?

Age 11 – Ohhhhh! Your best friends are amazing! The new girl annoys you? Trust me! You’ll be stuck with her for a while.

Age 12 – You are graduating Im so happy for you. Hug Mommy okay? Say I love you always… Please.

Age 13 – High school eh? You’ll do fine but wish you made more friends.

Age 14 – You got 77 in Biology?!! Hahaha that’s okay we hate that subject up until college. But you’ll get I think 85 on the 4th quarter. Study well ok?

Age 15 – Everybody bullies you? That’s okay! They won’t matter now promise! You hardly see any of them now anyway.

Age 16 – Woah! Mommy stayed all day on your graduation without leaving? That’s new! You will know soon enough why. Please hug and say “I love you to her” Okay?

Age 17 – Now you understand right? (Mommy I should have hug you more T^T) Im so sorry for your lost… Be strong! You’ll make it promise!

Age 18 – You have the best of friends right now so smile okay? The ones who stayed with you are for keeps. Promise! Just let it all out Mom will guide you until the end wherever she is.

Age 19 – You make me so proud right now. Don’t cry everything will be alright. Just always do your best okay?

Age 20 – See? I told you.. You’ll be fine. You exceeded your own expectations! Do not mind those bullies they are the once having a hard time in the real world now. You make everyone proud. It’s just sad that Mom couldn’t be there to hang the medal.  Dad’s at work. At least your sisters are there and your friends too so smile! Congrats Ms. Cum Laude!

Age 21 (Current) – We are getting older again in 2 days! Can you believe it? Nooooo!! Gahhhh. The Real World? Its fine we met a lot of great people. We can do this fighting!

Age 22  – Hey! How are you older me? Hahahaha! Damn you are old! Be more mature okay? I hope you find what you really want to do soon. Gambatte!

And that’s it. Thank you past me. I will do my best in the years to come! Aja! I love you so much. Just never lose hope! God is always there.

Never Give Up, Without a Fight!


21 Year Old You (Joan Casey)


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