Today I woke up with a smile!

Today I woke up with a smile.

I dreamed of my Mom. I time travelled, actually. It’s been a while since the last time I dreamed about her and its pretty rare too. Guess she doesn’t want to show up a lot.

It was a regular day probably when I was 16. We were at my home. Mom was cooking; my sisters and I were watching television with my Dad. For some reason we wanted to go to the mall but my sisters were not in the picture anymore. Only my Dad, Mom and I were inside our Pickup truck going to SM Lipa I believe. I was smiling like a little kid. My Mom went to the Supermarket and I have no idea where my Dad went. I told my Mom I’ll just roam around SM as what I usually do when we go there. For some odd reason I realized I left my phone back home so I have no way of communicating with my mom (but if you think about it I could have just looked for her). But this is a dream so when I saw my friend Jen2 and she let me borrow her phone so I texted my Mom saying “Mommy!!! I left my phone back home; I’ll just see you there. I’ll just ride the jeep/tricycle or something.” She replied “ Ok”.

I woke up and realized it wasn’t real. It’s funny even in my dreams it’s like she said goodbye. Thanks Mom for showing up before my birthday. It made me happy. I Miss you! Love ya! I will be having a great day today!

This is my last day before I turn 22 here in the Philippines, coz you know in other countries I’m still 21 (time difference) Hahahaha. It’s pretty nostalgic for me because I’m mentally stuck to my 12 year old thinking.  Meaning I’m young at heart… Well kid at heart, actually.

Anyway since we are talking about dreams already, did you know I get Deja Vu a lot? Déjà vu means from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced, has already been experienced in the past, whether it has actually happened or not.-wikipedia

Yes! Seriously! Déjà vu! Because you know sometimes I doubt where I should be. I ask myself “Did I choose the right path? Did I make the right decision? What if I’m not supposed to be here?” things like that. You know my dreams for some reason answers them. I get random dreams about people or situations I never encountered before and for some reason those events happen months or even years later. I dream of people I never met and when I’m with them it’s like “Hey wait a minute I saw you before and Im sure it wasn’t in the real world so it was in a dream. Hah… Funny I dreamed of you without even knowing you. “It happens a lot and it makes me believe that in my dreams I travel time and see small parts of my future.

Amazing right? I love dreams. I will do my best with my life. You should too. Stop doubting!

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow! Gaaaaahhhhh I’m older again…

Last essay I wrote as a 21 year old.


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