A letter for one of my Best Pal

Dear Mr Cat,

I remember I met you when my Aunt’s Cat gave birth to you and your brother.


You two were inseparable so I kept you both.

To tell you honestly I like your orange brother more

He was photogenic, active and more fun than you were.

But one day your brother left, just like Sasuke in the Naruto Series.

I was left with you. At first I thought it would suck with you around.

I was wrong… I was really wrong. You were the best Cat I could ever ask for.

I have so many memories of you that I never thought possible for a pet.


We were like siblings. You adapted my lazy attitudes made me think I was a Cat. You were lazy, you slept all the time, you were noisy when you’re hungry, and you annoy a lot of people but I love you anyway.


My key memories of you… I remember when I was sick; no one to take care of me you never left my side that day. It was like you were never hungry.

Whenever I go home from work (Weekends only I work at the City) you were always waiting for me near the gate napping in the front of our pickup truck.

Sometimes when you are not in the pickup truck when I meowed even when you’re faraway like 5 houses away you ran like crazy until you reach me and meow back I felt like you were saying “You’re back! You’re back! I’m so happy!”


When I reached my bed and about to go sleep, you come near my feet and sleep there until I woke up and you’re still asleep.


When I have complains about life or whenever I’m sad and do some human stuff in front of the computer you always listen and nap in my lap when I’m done talking.

But now it saddens me, it’s been months since you left, gone as in dead. I remember that day I got a PM from my cousin. He said Mr. Cat is dead. He said you got hit by a car or something.

I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want you to go away. Your life was short. You were 3 years old in human age. I wanted you to see me when I become successful in this real world battlefield.

Wish it was a dream. I wish when I got home it wasn’t you. I wish when I reached our front gate you would be sleeping in front of the pickup truck.

I wish when I meowed you would run and welcome me.

I wish when I got in my bed and woke up you would be there.

But you weren’t…

I wish I could have been there when you left. I’m sorry. I’m sorry Mr. Cat I could not be there with you. I’m sorry I could not say my goodbyes. I’m sorry you were the one who always had to wait for me… I’m sorry.


Mr. Cat you were more than a pet to me. You were my guardian, best friend and buddy for the past 3 years. You were the pet I could always thank God for. Thank you Mr Cat. Thank you for being there in one of the most vulnerable years of my life so far. I bid you farewell Mr Cat. I hope Cats go to heaven too if so you can say Hi for my Mom for me. I love you more than any cat I owned. R.I.P. Mr Cat I hope I gave you a good life. You will forever remain in my memory.

Your Best friend,

Joan Casey

This is dedicated to my 3 year old cat that passed away 3 months ago. This was long overdue. I only remembered to write this when I watched the episode of Family Guy last night where Brian died and Stewie broke down for losing him. I cried in that episode I remembered Mr Cat. If only I could time travel like Stewie did for Brian. I’m supposed to make this into a storybook or comics that is why it’s formatted like this but I’m not sure when I can do that.


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