About Joan Casey

Joan Casey

Joan Casey is a university graduate of AB Multimedia Arts at De La Salle. She has written articles related to school activities and fiction stories. She writes random experiences about her life and lessons she learned. She wants to share her stories through writing. She knows she is not much of a writer but she is doing her best to improve. She lives in Philippines, with her father, three sisters, one niece, and two dogs. Her mother went to heaven last February 2011.

She graduated elementary at Lodlod, Elementary School while De La Salle during high school. She is cheerful, moody, random and timid kind of person. She is a fan of American shows and you can say she is a little bit childish. You can find her online by simply typing her full name. When you get a chance to talk to her in person you might think she is kind of weird because all she talks about is things related to stuff she is only interested in.

Her current goals are to be able to travel the world, meet and be friend different people from different cultures, work at nickelodeon and be a successful person someday. She believes that anyone can do anything as long as they believe in themselves. Because Life is Amazing and it is what it is. 🙂


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